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"Imagine an evening of rock solid entertainment. Imagine what it would feel like to be totally and completely and utterly astonished? An evening where you would become totally enthralled and enraptured in the moment. Imagine that feeling of pure wonder! Imagine what it would feel like..."

"Squire (an academic by profession) has a sleight-of-hand show designed to enthrall and intrigue even the most skeptical of spectators! If you think you have seen it all... If you think you have done it all.... If you think you have got the T-shirt and sold the T-shirt... Then we recommend you come see and experience this show!"

"It is unlike anything you have ever seen before - It is truly unlike anything you have ever experienced before..."


A sleight-of-hand show which is impossible to sum up just like that...

A show which is unexpected and original...
A magic show about the suspension of disbelief...
Its about the art and science of astonishment...
Its about wonder....

Video Mental Martial Arts The Seed The Rain Beetle
Doc Magic Video 'Mental Martial Arts'
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'The Seed'
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'The Rain Beetle'
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