Mental Martial Arts

Conflict Resolution through Misdirection


Imagine this scenario: You walk into a room and someone is about to jump out of the window. You realise you have stumbled across a potential suicide situation. What would you say to this person?

Or imagine this scenario: You wake up in the middle of the night and someone is holding a gun to your head. What would you say? What would you do?
In his groundbreaking new book, Ryan Blumenthal teaches us a new technique to positively influence and control high emotion situations. He draws on the tools of neurolinguistic programming and the theory of mentalism to create the fourteen principles of Mentalist Martial Arts. These principles, he argues, will not only enable us to defend ourselves, but will help us to positively influence and protect other people during an acute emotional storm.
Blumenthal believes that the fourteen principles of MMA could save lives.

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If I can help prevent one death or one rape by what I have to teach, then I think I will have been successful in the writing of this book.

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.”
Margaret Fuller

This book is written in simple, uncomplicated English and it should take approximately three hours of your time. Once you have finished it, please pass it on to the next person to read. I wrote this book to share my insight into humanity with you…

“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”
Horace Mann

The Rain Beetle

Set in a small village in the heart of Africa, this is the story of a sacred rain beetle, iridescent turquoise and shiny blue. When a boy carelessly kills one of these precious beetles, its death brings about disaster, not only on him but also upon his entire tribe. Generations later, a beautiful woman brings an amber amulet to show to a famous professor. Entombed within this amulet is the well-preserved body of a rain beetle. It would be no more than an intriguing curio, except that this rain beetle is not quite dead…

This tale weaves the past and future together to bring about a shocking conclusion.


If thoughts could breathe and words could burn…

The Butterfly

Set in ancient Africa, this is the story of a Butterfly. This is the story of a King, a Prince and a Girl. This is a story of Revenge, Love, Adventure, Death, Freedom and Randomness.


This is the story of a Butterfly.

The Seed

Set in legendary Africa, deep in the bushveld, this is the story of a seed. Its succulent red fruit fascinates the local tribal elders. However, when it causes tragedy, the seed becomes prohibited and knowledge of it is fiercely defended.

Modern-day forensic anthropologist, Professor Sherwood, stumbles across the seed – grasped in an ancient skeleton hand – his curiosity is roused and he starts to seek answers in forbidden places. However, when it causes tragedy, will Sherwood’s curiosity be worth the price?

This is the story of a seed.


This is the story of how people come to believe the impossible. This is the story of how people mythicise what they cannot understand.